Your E-Learning and Webinar solution
Keep close to your students. Deliver presentations, record sessions, or any other type of Academic Material. Meet online securely to discuss, present, and collaborate from different locations
Easy to setup!
The system has a very advanced and flexible engine . This means fewer things to configure, more time to deliver great online training.
Accessible by anyone
Your people can train anytime, anywhere.The platform has been designed for 100% compatibility and accessibly of users devices and Operating Systems
Security & Organization
Our platforms allows for advanced security and API integrations with third party authentication systems or external Databases
Consistent training
No more shared docs, untracked emails and outdated information. The Webinar platform capabilities allow everyone to receive the exact same onboarding and knowledge from the teachers in real time.
Complete and powerful
Everything you need is here
The platform has a lot of new Learning Tools inside like Presentation streaming , On-Demand Web-casting, Real-Time Chat, Screen Sharing, Video Conferencing, Content ,Breakout Rooms , sharing,Whiteboard, Raise Hand, Start Poll, Multimedia file sharing, Desktop sharing, Emoji Icons, Courses upload and download, Advanced Users & Group Roles , etc..
Use Mywebinar Advanced tools to host employee onboarding webinar sessions and train a large group of new team members in seconds. Make sure new employees are ready to for every future challange.
Organize your courses , present your material in a beautiful webinar room designed to facilitate interactions and users learning in real time.
Run efficient recruiting sessions by presenting your company and your open roles to a large number of job candidates at once. Use the platform tools to attract more candidates in real time!
Advanced Security
Limit the acces to your courses and documents based on authentication , location or specific devices . Most of the platforms will only secure your live sessions based on a username/password credential
Live stream your events to the world.
Our Advanced CDN facilitates massive low latency webcasts, so you can easily live stream your event anywhere, anytime, on any device without any effort
Corporate Integration
Support for each client user account database.
Supports Advanced VPN Security transmission and dedicated servers for each company